Welfare program

We think of you and your family, so by being part of exela, you can access our welfare program.

Human Talent / Welfare program

exela, Talento humano, Programa de bienestar

At exela we think of your development and that of your family, so we have structured activities including: a day of exela integration, recreational activities, promoting physical and mental health; training, development and additional agreements.

Recreational activities:

In order to create a space in which you and your family recreate in a healthy way, we have recreational and cultural activities:

  • Ecological activities
  • Exela’s little friends club
  • School holidays activities
  • Family day
  • Exela Christmas
  • Painting Christmas contest
  • Family Movie club

Promoting physical and mental health:

The objective of this program is to provide employees and their families a good mental and physical health by implementing a series of activities to prevent diseases and promote healthy lifestyles.

  • Family health day
  • Occupational health program
  • Let’s talk program: legal advice and family orientation

Training and development:

With this program we want to strengthen to academic development, increasing your know-how, thus contributing to enhance the productivity of the process you are participating in.

FOVIS program:

The objective of this program is to promote and facilitate the access of our employees to housing subsidies that the national government grants through family compensation funds in the country.

With a clear and coherent strategy, we help our employees to comply with the requisites, fees and other procedures, thus contributing to the improvement of our employees and their families’ quality of life.

Additional agreements:

Through a network of agreements we offer preferential and easy access to different products and services.

  • Our fund: Savings, credit, recreation, culture, tourism, and insurance services.
  • Recordar funeral insurance
  • Prever funeral insurance
  • Vivir funeral insurance
  • EMI
  • Comfama
  • AMI


We think of you and your family, so by being part of exela, you can access our welfare program.

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